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 Fire Horse Art Jewelry for horse themed jewelry and equine gifts 


Hummingbird Art Glass for nature inspired fused glass and contemporary jewelry

Artist Bio

Fire Horse Designs

I was that "horse-crazy" child!  My childhood was spent in countless hours drawing horse pictures, reading horse stories and daydreaming about a life which included horses.  


I moved from the Northeast as a very young adult in search of my dream.  Go west young woman was the gypsy calling. The journey took me to many places, each community smaller and more rural than the last, looking for that spot to have horses and call home.   More than twenty years of a sometimes tiring gypsy lifestyle, yet staying true to my dreams through all of life's detours, finally brought me to that place I'd envisioned.  An acreage needing lots of TLC and someone with a vision for the beauty it could be restored to.  It became a labor of love to transform the potential I saw then, to the reality of today.  I now live and work from the place I'd only imagined as a child; horses included!

After a major life changing event took me out of the corporate world I'd been in for most of my adult life, ​I took a leap of faith and went from "commission only" glass artisan to a full time creative home business.  I opened my first online shop named Hummingbird Art Glass.    This shop features nature inspired and contemporary jewelry collections as well as art glass decor. 

To complete the transformation of horse lover, artisan and dreamer, I've opened a second shop Fire Horse Art Jewelry on Etsy with collections of equestrian jewelry and equine art. All creations with a horse theme, of course!  Visit often and enjoy!


Jackie Brower Bowyer

Jewelry Artisan/Owner